How’s this gonna go down?

DSC02962Isn’t it amazing to think about the fact that life was genuinely an accident? Like, no one made it happen (in my opinion) and it just did anyway, and now because of that one accident there are humans all over the world working, sleeping, falling in love, falling out of love, flying, driving, training to travel into space, diving deep into the ocean, the list goes ever on.

 People just never stop doing something. Even when you think you’re doing nothing, you’re sitting or standing or laying down. You’re breathing, living, thinking, again the list goes ever on.
I wanted this to be the first post on my new blog to give you a little taste of what i often think about. I’ve had many blogs in the past but I’ve tried to pigeon hole them into being entirely about one thing, like fashion or music, and that just doesn’t work for me because i think about and love so many different things.
This blog is going to be different from the many many others I’ve had. I was going to say i hope it will be, but i changed my mind because I’ve decided that it will be. I’m not sure what this will be yet, it’ll just be irrevocably me. Anything i like, from fashion to food to travel, will be contained in this blog. I’m finally writing a blog for me, not to try to gain a following or make friends or whatever else.
I’m a sentimental person. I don’t exactly collect things, but i collect memories. Pictures, tickets, bottle tops, all things that i save in a little box (You can see a video of my memory box here) and I’m currently making a scrap book of my relationship (a post about my relationship will follow soon because i love and am so happy in my relationship) because I’m so attached to my memories and am terrified of forgetting them. I’m telling you this because this blog will likely be a sort of scrap book.
Maybe not necessarily the common sort of scrapbook, more like a scrap book or mind map of me, my life and what i deem important. Of course, if this blog was purely for me and no one else i wouldn’t be putting it online. I’m a creative person and i love making videos and writing blogs so of course i would love people to read this and watch my videos, but it is mostly for me. So i hope you enjoyed this post, and i hope you enjoy the ones to come. Its been an absolute pleasure talking to you.

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