First Day of Spring

FDOS2I think that every year theres a real first day of spring where everything just slots into place, you breathe in and it just feels like spring. For me this year, this was the 22nd of March, this also happened to be my mothers 52nd Birthday which made it all the more special and also meant we were having a BBQ. You can imagine that burgers and fire outside definitely helps me to feel spring!!FDOS1Though the day was warmer than those previous, there was still a slight chill in the air which meant we kept our jackets on. I’m sure you all know though that once you have some warm food in you and a couple of beers, that stops bothering you. Not that i had any beer considering my 18th wasn’t for another 6 days. Okay, so i might have had a small shandy. FDOS3 We all had a really lovely day i think. It was filled with laughter, smiles and slightly burnt food when my brother forgot he was supposed to be keeping an eye on the hotdogs. They were fine once you scraped off the burn though!! I may be somewhat guilty of slipping some to my mothers cat though. Don’t tell anyone!FDOS5Since we were celebrating my mothers birthday we of course had a cake! In the picture below you can see my older brother lighting the candles. They had already been lit and blown out once but i was too slow with my camera so we did it again! I mean, at least my mum got 2 birthday wishes right?!
FDOS6My mother is the lady in yellow and its her best friend Anne sat behind her. They have been friends for over 20 years which i think is absolutely mind blowing. My oldest friends have only been my friends for about 3-4 years so imagining that i could still know them after all that time is crazy. FDOS4Are you starting to feel spring where you are? I know some places still have snow so this may not be an appropriate post for them but hopefully everyone has enjoyed it all the same! Let me know if you’re feeling spring on Twitter or Instagram! Talk soon! -Dana


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