Easter outfit!

DSC03959My family aren’t particularly religious so Easter is not as big a deal as it is for a lot of people but we do still use it as an excuse to get together for a delicious home made roast dinner, some chocolate (Don’t you love my white chocolate lamb?!) and some good old fashioned family time. Or at least, we might if my oldest brother would actually wake up! DSC03951Recently i’ve been really adoring wearing big chunky socks sticking out of the top of my boots. Its warm, cozy, and personally i think it looks great. The boots in the picture above are from New Look, which is my go to for any shoes and most clothes. In fact, my entire outfit is from New Look, apart from my socks which are from Forever 21 about 3 years ago. This isn’t sponsored by New Look, i promise!! If they did what to work with me though i’d be up for it! (Hint hint) DSC03966 I also really love this orange red lipstick i’ve bought. Its creamy but doesn’t slide off the lips and its super easy to apply. Its one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever worn, which is especially saying something as i actually bought it from Poundland! Unbelievable right!?DSC03969 The necklace I’m wearing is from Swarovski and you can buy it here. I got it from my mum for my 18th and though I’m not usually a pink kind of girl i really love the way it looks! I only wore the ring below for about an hour. I bought it from Germany when i was about 13 and its too big! Its super pretty though and it matches my hair pretty well! DSC03960If you celebrate easter, happy easter! If you don’t celebrate easter or celebrate something else i hope you have an amazing day and i hope you all get a bit of chocolate all the same! Remember to tell me or show me about your day on Twitter or instagram! 


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