DSC03659I’ve had the pleasure to of photographing a few weddings at this point and i have to say, every single one of them has made me well up at least a little. I have never been to the wedding of a person close to me, i’ve actually only ever photographed weddings so i can’t even imagine how much i’ll cry if/when friends and family start getting married!
DSC03717I think there are a few reasons i get so emotional, the first being that I’m in a long term, loving relationship with a man that i honestly think i will marry one day and i can almost envision us saying our vows and exchanging rings. There is of course also the fact that there is just so much love and positivity at weddings, or at least the ones that i’ve been to! I think its just so beautiful that all these people come together to watch and support two people promise themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.
DSC03948sI’m yet to see an ugly bride. All the brides i’ve photographed have been very different in a lot of way but they’ve all looked absolutely stunning. One wedding that i photographed the bride was only eighteen and she had purchased everything from her dress to the invitations from Ebay for next to nothing and she and the venue were still absolutely stunning!!

I think weddings really bring out the beauty and positivity in everyone and they’re one of the few things I’m sure i’ll never get bored of photographing, there are always so many special moments just waiting to be captured. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, i am trying to post better quality blogs more often!



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