Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 05.06.53Home has always been a big thing for me. I lived in the same house my entire life until i was 11 and since then I’ve lived in 10 (I think?) different houses in 3 different countries. For me, home is that place where you can just relax and not worry. In other people’s homes I’m concerned about being tidy, polite and sticking to their rules, but in my own home i can just kind of slob around, and i don’t have to worry about the rules because i make them!

Homes are important, your home is where you can be your self and be surrounded by things that contain memories. For me, right now, i live with my boyfriend in a little one room flat. Its small, but its plenty big enough for the two of us and we’ve filled it with things we love. Art work, books, music memorabilia, its all stuffed into the little flat we call home and i love it. I love having a home with someone i love and i love being able to fill it with things that make me feel loved and comfortable.

Every time i look around the flat i feel so lucky and privileged. Not only am i luck and privileged to so much as have a home, but to then have it filled with furniture i like and many other luxuries such as a tv, x-box and even my mums old record player, i just feel truly blessed. I’m not religious personally, but i do sometimes feel like someones up there helping me to land on my feet every time things go arse up.

I didn’t ever intend to move out at 17 but a lot of private matters pushed me to need to do so to help my mental health, and though it was scary and stressful at the time, I’m glad we did it. Me and my boyfriend have built this little home together for us and the cats and made it into more than just a building, its a place filled with love, trust and respect and honestly i think its my favourite living situation yet. Its not perfect, half the time i struggle to keep it looking presentable, but I’m so safe here and  everyday i just grow happier to be here.

You can see there wasn’t really much of a point to this post, its really just me rambling but i thought i’d just throw it out there because i want this blog to be a little insight into my life and my home is a very big part of that, I’m very much a home body! I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog and i’d really love it if you looked at some of my other posts and maybe commented down below what you like about your home! Hopefully, i’ll have another post up for you soon!



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