InsomniaI have a lot of trouble sleeping, I always have and I think I probably always will. I’ve tried teas and routines and pretty much everything under the sun…or shall we say moon? Nothing seems to work for me, I have trouble getting to sleep and I have trouble waking up. As I write this its 05:16 AM and I haven’t been to sleep yet. This happens quite often.

Though more often than not this is incredibly frustrating, the one thing I do like about it, is the early morning silence. When everything starts to wake up but its still sleepy and slow. We live near a quite busy road and in the early morning cars only go past every ten or so minutes. It’s the only time of day I can hear bird song. I mean, I could just wake up early enough to hear all of this, but like I said, I have a lot of trouble waking up.

Early morning has a certain quietness that doesn’t come around at any other time of the day, and its during this quietness that I love nothing more than to sit with a cup of tea and reflect. I guess you could call it mediation but I feel a little pretentious saying that I meditate in the early morning when I haven’t been able to sleep.

I’d much prefer being able to sleep and rise early, but I’m just not an early bird at all. My mum is the exact opposite of me. She usually goes to bed at about ten at night and the second her head hits the pillow she’s asleep with soft snored erupting from her nose. She wakes up naturally at around six or seven and she gets to enjoy that earliness without the foggy, sleep addled brain that I always have at that time.

If anyone has any tips for sleeping or getting up early, I’d love to hear them!



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