rainforblogI’m a big fan of rain. Maybe not so much when I’m in it, but when I’m at home i love it. I live in England and I’m sure everyone knows what kind of reputation rain has here, but after seeing about the droughts faced in other parts of the world i couldn’t be happier that we get so much rain. If only we could share it with everyone else!
blograinThese pictures were taken earlier today while we were at my mums house. I love her yard because she has the canopy things you can see in these two pictures meaning that i can sit outside with my laptop and a cup of tea without getting wet. I’ve lost 2 laptops to water damage so for, the dryer the better!RainblogNext time it rains, try not to look at it as an inconvenience. It helps keep our rivers and lakes full, gives us water to drink and washes our streets so the crazy lady two doors down doesn’t have to hoover it. No really, she does that. She hoovers the street. Anyway, next time you have rain just think about how lucky you are to have it and try to keep a sunny outlook!



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