Why is live music so amazing to see?

PaulI’m a big fan of live music of any kind, not necessarily just huge bands or super famous musicians like Paul McCartney or the Foo Fighters, they just happen to be the last two gigs I’ve been to. While I’m talking about the Foo’s, i just want to mention that one of their supporting bands in Manchester was ‘God Damn’ who were absolutely amazing and anyone who love the Foo Fighters as much as i do should definitely give them a listen!
VEDIJ 1 My new tattoo??!
For me, i love live music because its more real. When you listen to a record or CD (Or a digital track) you’re listening to it sure, but when you see a band perform the music live its right there in front of you as a real, tangible thing that you can feel. Okay, maybe you can’t literally feel it, but you can usually feel the vibrations from the speakers/amps and thats pretty much the exact same thing, right? PaulmAs a musician myself it also really inspires me. I mean, imagine being Dave Grohl. He looks out to an audience of 50,000 people and he can see and hear just about every single one of them singing the lyrics that he wrote. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like but i do know that one day, i want to be able to experience that rather than attempting to imagine it. Sure, i know its not the most likely thing to happen but it happened for Dave Grohl and hundreds of others didn’t it?
DaveThe final part of this blog is the feeling you get when you watch live music, even if its not a band you’re in love with. You’re not even the one performing and yet you can still feel a knot deep in your stomach as the lights dip and you know the night is about to start. You still feel that adrenaline afterwards that means you can’t sleep even though you’ve been stood in line since 11 that morning, got pushed and shoved against the barrier (Yes, i was at the barrier for the Foo’s, be jealous.) and had to get a taxi home from a different city at 2 in the morning. Or maybe thats just me. I’m going to finish off the blog here even though i could write about this topic for another three hours at least. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and don’t hesitate to drop a comment. If you’d like to watch the vlog i made about seeing the Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney just click here! The thumb nail is one of the best things I’ve ever made!




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