Its possible to love EVERYONE

For the longest time, basically my entire life until i was at least 16, i thought you had to have one person that you absolutely, positively, without the slightest doubt loved more than anyone else, parents and significant others included. My highest term of endearment for friends and boyfriends was “I love you more than anyone except my mum and dad”. DSC03365Once i got around to having a real, serious long term relationship i began to realise thats neither how it has to work or how it does work, ‘It’ being love. You can love everyone equally in different ways. I love my mum more than i will ever love anyone else as a mum because she’s my only mum. Obviously thats different if you have two mums but I’ve not personally experienced that. I would assume that if you had two mums or two dads you’d love them equally but still as different people. 
You really do love everyone the same amount in different ways. My current relationship is not about to end any time soon but if it does i know that i will love Richard (My boyfriend) as Richard the same amount as i will love future partners but i love him as who he is and i will love them as the people they are.

Love can be confusing because its such a strong emotion but please don’t section people off or isolate them because you think you don’t love one friend more than the other or anything like that. It really is perfectly possible to love them both just as much but in completely different ways.



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