I hate summer.

It’s a statement that seldom heard but really, i hate summer. I hate summer with a passion. I have long hair that gets stuck to my face, back, shoulders, arms and occasionally other people the second anyone gets the slightest bit sweaty. I’m a naturally very red person so during the summer not only am i unable to cover that up with a clever layer of foundation due to immediately sweating it off, but i also become even redder thanks to the heat.IMG_0810 Thats another thing i hate about summer. All the heat and sun. I don’t know how to handle being hot, i won’t lie. If its too cold i’ll put on a jumper or an extra pair of socks, but if I’m too hot i can wear as few clothes as humanly possible (Yes, naked) and still be boiling hot. What am i supposed to do? Take my skin off too in an attempt to not have it melt? IMG_0033 I think its fair to say I’m definitely a winter/autumn person. Spring is okay i guess, but my favourite thing to do is curl up with a nice hot chocolate or coffee, or sometimes even a big mug of teaDSC04014, and read a book. I also love cuddling up with my boyfriend to watch a film. Both these things are frankly impossible to do during the summer. Who wants a hot drink when they’re already hotter than the inside of the sun? Do you really think my incredibly sweaty and hot (in more ways than one, if you know what I’m saying) boyfriend wants to cuddle up with his equally sweaty and smelly girlfriend? The whole ‘Smelly’ is another thing! The amount of deodorant and perfume i go through in the summer! The money spent on it all could probably keep a small country going for a good few months, if not more.


Not everything about summer is bad, and i will definitely make a post about the few things i like about summer soon, but for now I’m just going to carry on melting and moaning about how England should never be this hot.



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