Blogger Event Goodie Bag!

Earlier today i went to a North West Blogger event organised by Jenny Dawson and Katie Brown (a post will be up about that tomorrow!) and i receive two incredible goodie bags, one from ‘The Blogger Programme’ stuffed with so many different brands that i can barely count them and one from ‘MyShowcase’. Both of these are absolutely amazing and i could barely believe what was in there when i got home and started to dig through it. DSCF8297 You can see just how huge the goodie bag was, and the best part is that so fari love everything in it! You can tell how much i love everything because the ‘Thomas Tucker’ popcorn was gone pretty much as soon as i walked through the door and my virtue ice tea is less than half full as i write this, sob. My vanilla ‘MelloMallo’ is gone too, though i don’t remember eating it. It was either my boyfriend or one of my cats. Hopefully my boyfriend, are cats even allowed marshmallows? DSCF8300

Much of the bag is filled with various beauty creams and even a little bit of makeup! More in depth reviews will likely follow as i use more of it but for now let me tell you, the Sweet Cecily’s Rose scented body butter has quickly become one of my favourite creams. I put it on my hands when i first opened my bag, which is almost 2 hours ago and not only can i still smell it, but my hands still feel ever so soft and moisturised!

On top of all that, i have 3 Lush products! Every blogger loves Lush and I’m no different! I’ve got ‘The Honeymooner’ massage bar and two little tester tubs of ‘Ultrabland’ and ‘dream cream’, both of which I’ve heard good things about! Thats all for this little haul post, posts about the actual even and also the individual products will follow in the next few days and weeks so keep your eyes peeled!



8 thoughts on “Blogger Event Goodie Bag!

  1. Haha, I’m about to prove the ‘every blogger loves lush’ comment wrong. I’m not a fan of the place at all!

    The rest of the goody bag looks fab, though!

    Corinne x


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