10 facts about me!

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I feel almost like my blog is kind of impersonal, I ramble and chatter on here a lot but don’t really let you get to know me, so I thought that for todays post I’ll give you ten facts about me! After reading this post I hope you feel like you know me a little better and it’d be really cool if you left a few facts about your self down in the comments! I’d love to read them.

  1. I have lived in three different countries.
    I was born in England and lived in Staffordshire until I was ten, then we moved to Denmark until I was fourteen when we moved to Rhyl in North Wales. I’m back living in England now but people always find that fact about me somewhat interesting.
  2. I’ve only ever had one relationship.
    For those of you that read my blog regularly you’ll know that I live with my amazing boyfriend Rich, and I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it before but he’s the only boyfriend I’ve ever had. We met when I was sixteen and instantly connected, we’ve been together ever since!
  3. I want to be a published author.
    I’ve even written my first novel which I’m now attempting to edit. I’ve always loved writing and I would love for my novel to be published. I’ve had poetry and short stories that I’ve written published but something about having an entire book that I’ve written on my own seems a little more glamorous.
  4. I’ve had at least six different blogs.
    My love of writing means that when I turned thirteen I immediately started writing a blog. Of course I lost interest in it after a few weeks and that continued happening. I’d run a blog for a few weeks and then get bored and wander off, never to return. Luckily, I really love this blog and that isn’t going to happen anytime soon!
  5. I’m going back to college!
    More long term readers will know that I went to college straight after I finished high school in 2013 but for a few different reasons I dropped out after just a few months, but now I’m taking the plunge and going back! This time rather than focusing on just one subject as a BTEC I’ll be taking 4 A-Levels in subjects that I enjoy and hopefully I’ll like it this time. I love education and I can’t wait to get back to it.
  1. I’m a bit of a nerd.
    There are no doubt much nerdier bloggers than me, but I do have a real soft spot for a lot of typically ‘geeky’ things and there nothing I love more than settling down to watch Lord of the Rings or venturing to comic cons ready to meet Gareth David Lloyd.
  2. I write songs!
    One of my main ambitions (and believe me, I have a lot) is to make a career of some sort from my music. I love writing and performing and its definitely something I want to work more on in the coming months and years. I only have one of my songs on the internet right now and you can listen to that here.
  3. I don’t really listen to very much music.
    I mean, I do. I listen to quite a wide variety but if someone were to ask me who I really like, I’d only say The Foo Fighters, The Beatles and David Bowie. Some people have hundreds of favourite bands but I only really have those three and thousands of bands that I like.
  4. I really miss having my own bedroom.
    It seems silly because I get to share a bedroom with my boyfriend and he lets me decorate that and the rest of the flat however I like, but I really miss having my own bedroom with my own little single bed and only my clothes in the wardrobe. I mean, I wouldn’t change what I have in the world, but every now and again I do really miss having that space that’s mine and mine alone.
  5. I don’t consider myself to have much family.
    My dad passed away in April which only leaves me with my aunt and two cousins on that side, and the other side of my family only really consists of my mum and nan. I do have two older brothers but I rarely talk to them due to differing opinions on racism, basically they’re racist and I disagree with them. It means I don’t really have an awful lot of family, but it also means I appreciate what I do have and I see my boyfriend and best friend as family anyway so it doesn’t get me too down.

    I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning more about me!


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