Just a little update!

As we come into September, I’m excited. A lot has happened this summer and i feel like the changing into autumn give me a chance at a fresh start and a chance to clear my head.

 A few things will be changing for me, the big one being that i’m going back to college to do my A-Levels. I had to drop out in 2013 because my parents were going through a divorce, i was incredibly depressed and my anxiety was worse than ever but I’m feeling a lot better now and am ready to go back. I love learning and was gutted that i ended up having to drop out so i can’t wait to be back in that learning environment.
 Another big change is that my boyfriend managed to get a job! Its not particularly swanky but its a job he enjoys and it means we have a lot more money than usual, and it means we’re no long claiming any benefits! I hated claiming benefits but we had no other option unless we wanted to be homeless. I understand that benefits are essential and people need them and all but i didnt personally like claiming because i felt like i was taking money other people have worked for. Of course, all this means my boyfriend will essentially be supporting me through college but we have discussed it and agree that my education is important enough to do so, and if it comes to it i can always get a part timer.
 Autumn is my favourite season. I’m not a big fan of summer because i cant deal with heat so i never know what to do with myself. Winter is nice but the trees aren’t as pretty as they are in autumn and spring always makes me feel somewhat nostalgic.
 The last thing i want to say in this post is that i have a new blog schedule! In the past on this blog i’ve just posted as and when i feel like it but from now until whenever i will definitely be posting every Monday and Wednesday. I might post in between too if i write something i want to post but that not for sure, the only thing that is for sure is Sunday and Wednesday!
 I know this is a slightly boring post so if you’ve read it all, well done! I’ll be back posting good posts from Sunday, i promise!

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