How to survive a rainy day.

I’ve been having a lot of rainy days recently, both in the sense of actual weather and metaphorical fogginess. Usually as it comes into autumn I’m excited, looking forwards to Halloween, Christmas, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and much more but this year everything is a little less exciting due to the loss of my father, it’s so strange to experience all of these things without him so i have been left with many rainy days in many different ways. Because of all this i thought i’d give you a few little tips as to how i survive the rainy days i’m going through without getting completely soaked. Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 17.52.51 The first few things might sound silly but try to keep warm, drink plenty of fluids and eat good food. When I’m especially sad or its rainy outside, or both, i tend to get really cold so for me, its really important to stay warm via clothing or blankets depending on where i am and to make sure I’m fuelled up with warm, filling food and plenty of drinks. I’m not one of those amazing people that drink eight glasses of water a day or anything so its especially important for my health and well being that i ensure i drink enough, i usually stick to tea, coffee or hot chocolate on these days even though it’d probably be better for me to drink water.

Have a shower. If its raining outside and you get a little wet its always best to get in and have a nice warm shower. First of all, it warms you up really quickly and second of all, maybe this is just me making things up but with all the pollution going on in the world i worry about what is in the rain and i like to wash it straight off. I’m paranoid, i know. Its also important for me to shower on the days that its only rainy in my head, it usually makes me feel better and not only that but if i don’t shower every day i only get more depressed and end up not showering for a lot longer, not the nicest of things i know but i’d rather be honest about mental illness. I so often see depression being glamorised that i feel its important that I’m as honest as possible about my experiences with it so that if someone else has the same experiences they don’t feel quite so alone.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 17.53.04

If you’re going to be outside in the rain you don’t want a face full of make up that will only get spread all over your face, its best to go simple with a little concealer, mascara and of course what ever you use to fill in your eyebrows. Again, this applies to rainy days in my head to. I feel more confident with make up on but there’s no way I’m prepared to go all out on those kinds of days so i keep it as simple as possible, usually just doing my eyes. It makes me feel a little more put together.

My final little rainy day tip is to ‘treat yo self’. Maybe that means having a starbucks or chocolate bar or just a nice bubble bath, no matter what it is, on a grim day i like to do something as a little treat to myself. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just a little something special is guaranteed to make me feel better. If you’re not one to treat yourself or it’ll make you feel guilty, maybe give someone you love a little treat, in the past i’ve done things as simple as popping into Aldi to get a £2 bunch of flowers for my mum or dad and its always put a smile on their face.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and i hope it can help someone out there, even just a tiny bit. I hope you all have amazing days regardless of any rain inside or outside.



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