Bye Bye Summer

DSCF8372This summer has been the strangest of my life. It’s been my first summer living with my boyfriend, the first summer without my dad, the first summer where i’ve made hard decisions and followed through with them and the first summer where i haven’t noticed its even summer. Its been the saddest summer of my life and one that i’m ready to forget. DSCF8432 As well as all of that though, i have made some new memories that make me smile. I reconnected with my best friend, improved my relationship with my boyfriend through spending more time together and learning how to compromise, I travelled a little via train, i’ve read some good books and finished writing my own, i’ve watched good films and although some days have been hard, others have left me going to bed with a smile on my face. DSC04042 Its with hope, excitement and fear that i look to autumn. It’s my favourite time of year so it seems appropriate that its the time i’m starting to heal myself. I’m eating better and sleeping better, i’ve stopped smoking and don’t drink any where near as much as i did towards the start of summer. I’m starting to feel more okay, I’m feeling stronger and i’m caring about myself more.

DSCF8216However your summer has been, i hope you’re able to look forward to the coming seasons and i hope they treat you well.



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