My Desk

DSCF8510This is my desk. My desk is an important place for me because i spend quite a lot of my time sat at it. I film and edit my videos here, write my blog posts, wrote a fair amount of my novel here and spend a lot of my time surfing the internet here. Now i’ve started college I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot more time here studying and revising. DSCF8511 I thought i’d upload some pictures of my desk as a little bit of possible inspiration for anyone who is trying to make their desk look nice like i think mine does or anything like that. I think my desk is personalised enough that it really feels like mine but its also not too distracting when i’m trying to focus on something important. DSCF8514
I know my desk is a little cluttered but i know where everything is, i can take it out and put it back fairly easily and it means everything i might need is close at hand. The wall behind my desk is painted a metallic gold colour (I bought gold acrylic paint from pound land! Yes, i got a beautiful statement wall for about £3.) which is part of the reason these pictures have such a nice golden look to them. DSCF8518

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, comment below what your desk essentials are or what you love about your desk!




7 thoughts on “My Desk

  1. Your desk looks a lot neater than mine! My husband is currently using my study as a bedroom so I’ve taken over our dining room table with all of my ‘work’ (mess)


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