My Bedroom

DSCF8524To me, my bedroom is a hugely personal space. I don’t really consider it private, the only bathroom in our flat is attached to the bedroom so if someone comes over, chances are they’re going into the bedroom. I think its important to personalise my bedroom and i like it to show who me and my boyfriend are as people. 
DSCF8525 We spend a lot of time in here! Its the room that contains a lot of our stuff and i like it to feel cozy and almost like an extension of myself. I used to do a lot more to my bedroom before i had my own flat, i’d plaster the walls with posters and have strange knick knacks everywhere. I’ve calmed down with that a lot now that i have a whole flat to customise! DSCF8526 I have a lot of things in my room, my guitars, records, pictures, notebooks. They’re all things that i think help to make me, me. Who would i be without music and books and movies? I like to grow and every day i become more myself than ever before and often i do that in this room, with these things. DSCF8528 DSCF8529It’d be really awesome if you told me below what you like most about my room from these pictures and maybe even tell me about your room! I hope you enjoyed this post and i hope you have a great day.



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