Blurt Box

IMG_2438Anyone who follows my blog might remember that last month i posted about the Blurt buddy box i received thanks to winning a competition on twitter (i never win anything so i was over the moon!). I thought it was just for the one box but blurt got in touch with me on twitter to let me know i actually won a subscription for the next year! A quick little ‘let you know’ for anyone who, well, doesn’t know! This is the blurt box which you can purchase here and its basically just a little box of happiness you can get for yourself or someone else just to brighten up your day! Right, now that thats out the way, let me tell you what was in this box!IMG_2432 This box, in my opinion, is even better than the last. Thats saying something because i loved the last one. You can see above, in the box was this ‘energy’ essential oil roll on. It smells of lemon and just gives you a little burst of energy! Its great for me since i just started college and when I’m in the library poring over Charles Dickens, this is something i need! IMG_2434 I’m sure you’ve seen these little seeds before! I’ve seen them all over the Albert Docks but never bought them because they just seem a little expensive. I can’t wait to try them out though. Basically, they’re just little seeds that grow beanstalk type things with the pictures and words on the little bean at the top! I have no idea how they do it but i think its brilliant. If anyone wants to explain it in the comments, go ahead! IMG_2435 Now, i know i’ve gone a little over board with THREE pictures of this book but honestly, its brilliant. I love books and reading but find it difficult to do when I’m really down, this book is bright with shortish sentences and not too much going on so its perfect for when i can’t quite concentrate on reading properly. On top of that, each page has something just to brighten your mood a little. You can see my two favourites below. IMG_2436 IMG_2437 This was the last thing in the box! I mean, i’m not really sure exactly what i can say about it but its hot chocolate and its AH MAZE ING. So rich and creamy and just the perfect thing for these cold, rainy evenings we’re having right now.
IMG_2439Thats your lot for this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and you should definitely check out the blurt buddy box! Let me know that you think below and have an amazing day/night/what ever. 


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