Reasons to Love Yourself! (Guest!)

Rhian Westbury has written this post for you all today, she’s the first guest for my ‘Reasons to…’ series that will be happening on here, hopefully, for the next few months! She’s the first guest i’ve had on here so this is an especially exciting post for me! If you like Rhian you can follow her on twitter or on her website. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i have!

Reasons to love yourself

In a world where perfect body images are shown in magazines, online and across the television it’s sometimes increasingly hard to love yourself. We’re bombarded with messages that we should look after our bodies, work out a gazillion times a week, only eat kale and drink green tea yet still go out and have the best social life possible. While this might work for the 0.00001% of the population, for the rest of us it’s sometimes hard when comparing yourself to others. But we should love ourselves. Why? Let me tell you.

You work bloody hard

Some people might find it easier than others to multi-task jobs and take on lots of responsibility but just because you don’t have four jobs like so-and-so who still manages to look great doing it doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. Most of us get a bit bored when we have nothing to do so we make things to do. Blogging for example, for a lot of people it’s a hobby, but you still work hard writing a great post, taking on point photos and pushing it out there for people to read. Remember you work hard and you should love yourself for it.

Body acceptance

I would say that a very large percentage of us are not accepting of our bodies, we might want to get rid of those extra few pounds (or stone) or hate the way our hips look in skinny jeans etc, but let’s face it if we don’t love our body no one else will. When you accept the way you look (even if you want to make changes) you become more confident within yourself and therefore others are more likely to be accepting to. This is something i’ve struggled loads with but I love when I walk out strutting my stuff happy with the way I look others notice it too.

Self- love breeds romantic love

For those of us who haven’t settled down or found our soul mate we’re still searching the seas to those so called ‘fish’. Much like body acceptance if you learn to love yourself someone else is far more willing to love you too. Being hard on yourself is not generally a quality that people set out to look for in a potential partner so don’t let it get you down.

You are unique

There is no one out there quite like you (even if you’re an identical twin), everything about you is completely well you so love that. Those little quirks or annoying habits you know you have embrace them and love them because they’re unique to you.

You’re resilient

The age old saying of ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’ is so true. Each one of us is resilient and able to combat almost anything. Are you struggling to finish an important assignment? Worried about training for a marathon? Or battling with an illness? While your body is part of the battle your mind is another and it’s a powerful tool. If you believe you can do something and work hard towards it you can achieve it.

Each and every day try and remember the good and shake off the bad. The fact that you got out of bed (even though you were super tired after last night’s Netflix marathon), you had it through the commute without punching anyone, you had time to grab a pumpkin latte and when you reached your desk your make-up wasn’t half way down your face is an achievement. You’re amazing and each day you do amazing things remember that!

a pumpkin latte and when you reached your desk your make-up wasn’t half way down your face is an achievement. You’re amazing and each day you do amazing things remember that!


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