Reasons to Practice Self-Care

This guest post is by Codie who runs codiekinz and i had the absolute pleasure of meeting her at a blogger meet up in Liverpool a few months back (and i think we’re both attending another one this Saturday!), she’s absolutely lovely and creates amazing content on both her blog and her youtube channel so you should definitely check them both out! I’ll leave everyone to enjoy the amazing post she’s written for me now!

Reasons to practise self care

What is self care? It’s literally what it sounds like, caring for yourself. It could be something you do every day, or a regular part of your weekly routine. It may sound selfish, like you should be concentrating on everyone around you instead, but you can’t serve someone from an empty cup. It’s literally the opposite of selfish – if you’re not in the best place, you can’t possibly help anyone else. It’s about looking after your mind and body to be able to fire on all cylinders.

Self care is a necessity, not a luxury. Although it can include things such as massages or treatments, in its basic form, it can be as simple as ensuring you eat well and get enough sleep. Self care can be quite a personal thing, what might help you may not be right for someone else. For example, for me, yoga and a bath is a big part of my self care, however my other half prefers to go for an early morning run.

If you’re in the middle of writing a piece of work, or trying to revise and yet you’re so stressed and run down you can’t concentrate, that’s a sign that you need some self care. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, leaving the work for an hour or so to eat a good meal, have a bath, go for a walk – whatever works for you, can mean that when you come back to it, you’ll feel fresher and more motivated – yay!

You should ingrain self care into your regular life to help with self preservation, especially if you’re working hard, studying for exams or just having a hard time. You should practise self care because you deserve it. You should encourage self care amongst friends and family to help avoid burn out and the other things associated with it.

You should use self care because you only have one body and it needs nourishing and looking after.

To learn more about self care, check out this video I made for World Mental Health Day last year! (

Huge thanks to Dana for letting me write this blog for you!


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