Reasons to be happy!

This is the first post i’ve written myself in a few weeks because of guest posts and as much as i love having other people on my blog, its nice to be back! I’d like to start this post by telling you to take everything in it with a pinch of salt, these are reasons i find for myself to feel a little better and these may not be ‘reasons to be happy’ for you because of how subjective happiness is. This is also not telling people to ‘just be happy’ because in my opinion, you don’t really have the ability to just decide to be happy. Now, with that little disclaimer over, here are some of my reasons to be happy!

First of all, i have a home. A few months ago i was in a very difficult position where i became quite close to ending up homeless. Even in that situation i was incredibly lucky because i had friends that offered to let me stay should the worse come to the worse. The fact that i am able to have a home to call my own, that i can decorate to my taste and feel safe in with my little family (Richard, my boyfriend and my cats) is a fact that i often remind myself of when i’m feeling down.

Another thing is of course, my family. Having my dad pass away in April definitely changed the way that i see and appreciate my family. My family isn’t one of those super close cute ones but i do really love them and i know that they love me. Of course, as mentioned above i also have the little family i have created with my boyfriend and cats and i have certain friends that i would consider to practically be happy.

Another reason to be happy is how privileged i am. Only in the last year or so have i realised just how privileged i really am. Apart from the odd hard time i have always had enough food to eat, clean water to drink or shower with, electricity, gas, an education. Education is especially a big one for me since i dropped out of college in 2013 and just returned in September, i am really appreciative of the fact that i am able to have an education not only for free but also in a safe environment that i can easily get to. This appreciation has absolutely doubled since i started reading I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban earlier this week.

Another big one is that i am healthy. I can run and jump and dance and do many a number of other things without being in pain or finding it particularly difficult. I don’t currently have a stuffed nose or cough or anything annoying or worse. I am currently completely healthy and that is something i certainly appreciate and am pleased for.

I have an incredible boyfriend. I know i mentioned him further up but i feel like he needs a paragraph of his own because he really is amazing. If I’m having a down day or hard time i can talk to him and he’ll let me talk, cry, rant or whatever else i need to do and then make me a cup of tea with a side of biscuits when I’m done. We celebrated our second anniversary on the 3rd and i honestly don’t know what i would have done without him over the last two years.

These are only a few of my ‘reasons to be happy’ and though i have a lot more, i’ve decided to leave it here! I would honestly love to hear about reasons you’re happy down below because i’m sure most of us have a lot in common! I hope you have a wonderful morning/afternoon/night ❤



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