Lets Talk About…I Am Malala

I am not the first person to write about the book that this amazing girl has written and i’m sure i won’t be the last. Usually i try to stay away from writing about things other people have already written about in favour of writing about something i would consider to be more original but i just can’t refrain from writing about this book.

Let me start by saying that i started and finished reading it this morning. I have been in a reading slump since mid March so the fact that i woke up this morning, read this and am now writing about it i think stands to say how powerful this book is. I want to encourage everyone to read it, especially girls who are currently in education.

Anyone that’s been on my blog before will likely know that i have just returned to college after dropping out two years ago. This book made me so appreciative of being able to receive an education easily and for free. It has given me a new passion for learning, so much so that i’ve even managed to finish all the homework i usually leave until last minute!

Malala is an inspiration to everyone. She is strong, brave and independent. She inspires people and spreads her passion and love for learning that can lead to so many more people striving for an education. I have only recently learnt about the situations that many people, girls especially, have to face just to go to school and i found it difficult to believe at first. I really admire Malala for standing up to people who literally shot her in the head to ensure girls can gain an education.

I really urge anyone reading this to read this book. I think you will be so inspired and humbled by it that its unbelievable. After everything thats happened in our world over the last few days it gives me so much hope that there are people like Malala and her Father who aren’t afraid to stand up and speak out for what they believe to be right and i really hope that in the future i can do something to help the world in the way that she is.

If you want a renewed sense of awe at what people are able to achieve, an insight into life in a war zone and a strengthened passion for learning, this is the book you need to read. The fact that a book of a teenage girls life can instil that in someone is a true wonder to me and i think it will be to anyone who shared my mind set. I think a lot of people i know will be getting this book for Christmas!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and will go out and buy this book! (You don’t even have to go out! Amazon is there for you.) Please remember to stay safe, where ever you are and try to have a good day.



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