Before I turn 19 Bucket List

I recently found this post by Anca about 40 things she wants to before she turns 40. I really enjoyed the post and it inspired me to create my own bucket list. I’m currently only 18 though and don’t want to start planning things to do that far in advance so i decided that i would come up with 5 things to do in the five months i have left before i turn 19. Without further a do, here they are!

  1. Get a tattoo!
  2. Finish editing my novel and send it off to some publishing agents to try to get it published.
  3. Have another indoor picnic with my boyfriend Rich where we just read and watch films while eating picnic food and just generally enjoying each others company.
  4. Read 20 books. (I am keeping track of them and, since writing this list 5 days ago i’m on book number four!
  5. Write a poem every day for at least thirty days. (So far, i’m on day two.)


I’d love to head any bucket lists that anyone else has in the comments! I’ve already complete one of these which you will find about in my next post and i will be updating on all of these so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for reading, i hope you have a great day!



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