‘Mask of Magnaminty’ Review!

I’m a HUGE fan of Lush so getting this face mask in my goodie bag from Liverpool Blogger Event  made me a very happy girl! I used it the second i got home and over the last two weeks I have used it every two or three days. It’s really helped to soften and smooth my skin and it’s such a lovely smelling product!

One of my many favourite things about Lush is that there are always full lists of the products ingredients on the website. It’s not such a huge deal to me because I’m not really allergic to anything but that would obviously be a huge help to anyone with sensitive skin, i mostly like it because it’s cool to know what’s in the products and when i’m too broke to buy Lush products i can try to throw together my own!

The Mask of Magnaminty has, amongst other things honey, peppermint oil and Organic Ground Aduki Beans which are natural ingredients meaning that i don’t worry at all about leaving the mask on for longer than advised or accidentally eating some (it honestly doesn’t taste too bad, you still shouldn’t eat it though!).

Putting this mask on is a breeze, not messy like some of the runny ones you buy in packets meaning that i use it far more often. Its a pretty thick, paste like texture that goes onto the skin really easily. If you put it on straight out of the fridge, which is where it should be stored anyway, it gives the most cooling effect to your face and even tingles ever so slightly.

Have i mentioned that it smells absolutely heavenly? A pot was passed around at the blog event and all the ladies on my table agreed that it smells exactly like mint choc-chip ice cream! It’s very tempting to eat it but you still definitely shouldn’t!

Like with most face masks, washing it off is the best part. The ground aduki beans are great exfoliators, just enough to leave your skin silky smooth without feeling grazed or looking red.

As i said at the start, i’ve been using this every two or three days and i have seen a slight difference in my skin. My skin is pretty good to me anyway and i don’t really get too many spots so i don’t know how it would work for more acne prone skin but it has definitely helped to fade some old scars on my chin, likely thanks to the exfoliation!

This is one of those Lush products that i can see my self buying again and again so i would definitely recommend it to well, anyone really! And of course, with it being Lush it’s super easy to pop into a store and have a little test of it before you buy just in case you don’t love it as much as i do!

There will be a couple more Lush reviews on the way soon, next will be a hot oil hair treatment i tried and loved so make sure you check back for that!



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