I dropped out of college again?

So, yeah. You can tell from the title i’ve dropped out of college for the second time. If theres anything this has taught me, it’s that college is definitely not for me. I love education and learning but i don’t feel like theres any sort of course thats going to teach me what i need to know to get to where i want to be in my life.

I want to write and earn a living from it, and when i say write i mean this blog, novels and poetry. I also want to be able to do my music, i write songs and i want to do that more and actually put it out into the world. On top of that i want to make films and youtube videos.  I don’t feel like any course i can find in college or elsewhere will teach me how to do these things better than actually doing them will do.

On top of that, i hate being around people all the time, it really flares up my depression and anxiety and makes me feel downright terrible. I really think that my mental well being is more important than getting A-levels that won’t actually help the career path i’m trying to follow.

I didn’t want to get to the end of the two year course, look back and think that i would have been much better off and probably further along with what i want to do if i had actually just done it rather than essentially waste two years of my life for some qualifications that would be useless to me.

Of course, people that want to be things like doctors or lawyers need to go to college and i can acknowledge and respect that but like i said, for the career i want its really unnecessary.

I’m not sure why i went back to be honest. I think it was mostly because after my dad passed away i was sort of just free falling for a little while and i thought college would be something that would have made my dad proud and would also help me to kind of get my life back on track. I see now that college wasn’t what i needed, i just needed some time to grieve but its always easier to see that kind of thing when you’re looking back.

If anyone else is in the kind of situation where they think they might drop out of college i would tell them to really think about if they need it. If you need it to get the career you want, i think you should just ride it out or maybe try going to a different college. It’s really hard to be asked what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re still a teenager, one minute people are saying you don’t know anything about the world and then they’re telling you to go out and decide what you want to do for the rest of your life and i think thats ridiculous. My advice to anyone to almost anything is to do what you need to do for you, so i’m going to finish this post with that.



2 thoughts on “I dropped out of college again?

  1. I was in your boat a few years ago… After being in education for your whole childhood sometimes It’s best to have a good-long break. Saying that I’m back in college now and I love it, sometimes it’s just about the subject sometimes it’s just the timing, maybe come back to it in a few years find something you really want to do and fall in love with it again.
    All the best, Amy.


  2. If you don’t need it there’s no point wasting your time doing it! I was gutted I had to go to university for the job I wanted to do and whilst I’m now in a job I love, I could have equally used those three years to save money towards a deposit or other useful ‘life’ things!


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