Lazy day

I think that sometimes everyone just needs a solid day of nothing but relaxing in comfy clothes doing stuff you enjoy. I’ll admit i’ve had quite a few of these recently because i’m having to really focus on my mental health right now to stay as okay as i possibly can.  Especially on the cold, rainy winter days we’re having right now, theres nothing i love more than staying warm and cosy in leggings i would never wear outside and unbrisged hair, watching netflix and reading books.   
 So, what have i done today? I’ve looked after myself and drank way too many cups of tea. I’ve stayed warm and allowed my self to not worry about the future, not even tomorrow. I’ve worn the cosiest socks i could find and let the cats sniff them for as long as they wanted. I’ve though about things i want to do and how i’m going to get there without stressing or panicing. 

  In short, i’ve relaxed on my own and focussed on looking after my self and how im going to continue to do so. What do you do on your lazy days? 


2 thoughts on “Lazy day

  1. I used to love having the house to myself. It’s important to take time out and have ‘me’ time. I gives you the chance to put your mind in order.
    Although it’s good to cosy up indoors don’t forget to get some daylight time too..just as important for the mind.
    Hope your day made you feel relaxed.


  2. It’s good to have a lazy day once in a while… I need one of those, because I have a full time job and work 5 days a week, and on the weekends all I do is work work work (on my blog!) so I barely have any time for myself…


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