Dealing with living in a noisy place

I live fairly close to the center of the town i live in, i’m about a street away from the main group of clubs and on my street theres a pub and some restraunts and take away shops , so it gets pretty loud, especially on the weekend. On top of that i live in a flat with a noisy neighbor above us. 

 I’ve gone to this from living in small towns or even in the county for most of my life so when we moved here i had no idea how i was supposed to deal with all the music, shouting, banging and sirens. I’m quite well adjusted to it all now though so i thought i’d give a few tips to anyone who isn’t used to noise and now have to deal with it! 

 First, get used to using ear and head phones when using the computer. If i’m watching netflix or youtube or just browsing the internet while listening to music i always use headphones. They let me hear whatever i’m listening to without having to turn it up super loud. 

 Start having something on in the background if you’re just pottering around. If you’re listening to the tv or radio, any noise outside or from neighbors is a lot less noticable and less bothersome. 

 Find something to put on when you go to sleep. There are lots of apps and websites that you can leave on overnight that play things like sounds of rain or white noise. I like to have rain sounds playing while i sleep because then any shouting or other noises are just background noises that don’t wake me up. 

 I hope these tips can help someone out and if you have any more please don’t hesitate to post them down below!



2 thoughts on “Dealing with living in a noisy place

  1. I live in quite close to central London so as you can imagine it is really busy where I live, a lot of traffic, bars and shops… Luckily I have a park that does separate me from the main loudness but there’s sirens all night etc. That doesn’t bother me, what does bother me is my neighbour who I like to call ‘The Driller’ – She seems to drill at around 2/3am every other morning, took us years to find out who or what they were doing… Turns out its a meat grinder attached to her counter and send vibrations through the wall disturbing everyone in the block but its the only time she can do it. I have no solutions to deal with that but its become part of the noise now and I’m kind of used to it haha! xx


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