Reasons to get a cat! 

Lets be honest here, the first reason  is just how adorable they are. There is nothing better, in my opinion, than being woken up by their little faces or having them snuggle with me while playing skyrim. Their cuteness alao offers unlimited entertainment. I can’t tell you how many  times a day i order my boyfriend to look at them because they are doing something heart meltingly sweet.   

They will help you to be tidier because theres no way you want to leave piles of dirty washing around (unless you want to prise a sweaty bra from around a cats head) or stacks of dishes (they will all fall and break leaving you eating off paper plates for a week until you make it to asda). 

If you ever decide to get a tattoo your first though is not going to be how much it hurts, instead you’ll think about how much it feels like the scrathes your cats leave to remind you how much they love you.  You’ll never be able to have an ego problem with a cat around because they will always make sure that you know they’re better than you in every way possible. 

 In the winter, wouldn’t you rather have a cute little fluffy thing there to keep you warm instead of some rubbish blanket? Having a cat means theres always someone there to keep you company. I know this is the most cat-lady-esque thing on the list but it’s totally true. Every cat has its own adorable little personality that you get to discover and enjoy forever.   
Of course, the most important reason to get a cat is because you’re going to love and care for it for the rest of it’s life. 

 Let me know any of your own reasons to get a cat below!



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