My sexuality? 

I’ve seen a lot of people coming out on social media recently and i think it’s really cool that we’re seeing such a huge mixing pot of sexualities in online communities, so i thought i’d jump in on it. It’s not quite as much of a momental turning point for me as it is for many others due to the fact that i am very open about it in my every day life but most people online think i’m straight due to having a boyfriend. 

 So, yeah, it feels weird writing it but yeah, i’m pansexual. For anyone who doesn’t know, that doesn’t mean that i’m attarcted to pans. Simple speaking it means that someones gender doesn’t come into the equation for me. When i’m interested in some one i’m interested in them for who they are regardless of if they’re male, female, gender-fluid, trans etc, i just don’t care. 

To me, who i fall in love with should be an amazing person who improves my life and makes me happy and for whom i can do the same to and for me these things are a lot more important than what someone has in their pants. Of course i also want to be sexually attracted to that person and luckily for me their physicality doesn’t matter to me sexually. 

 I’ve had people say to me ‘if thats how you feel, why are you in a hetrosexual relationship’ and the simple answer is that i fell in love with him. We had instant chemistry and the better i got to know him the more i realised that i loved spending time with him, he made me happy and i did the same for him. There was never a point where i wanted to be with him based on him being male and there was never a point where i didn’t want to be with him base on him being male. I love him for his personality and i honestly couldn’t care less about him being a male nor the fact that we have ended up as a straight couple.

 I lnow this isn’t the most interesting post i’ve ever written but since i put the rest of my personality online i thought i may as well put this part of myself out there too! 



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