I had a fortune cookie yesterday while at my boyfriends nans house and while i’m not one to really believe in fotunes and the like, i liked this one. It says ‘change is happening in your life so go with the flow’. I’m not a big fan of change but this year has and will likely continue to be a year of change.  

 This year i have had to learn how to look after my own place, balance a relationship while living with that person and how to balance my alone time to look after myself physically and mentally with spending time with Rich and remembering to go and visit my mum. I’ve also had to adjust to the change of losing my dad, starting and dropping out of college, losing the friends i thought i had and learning to cope with relatives i’m not fond of on a semi regular basis. On top of that my boyfriends nan has cancer so i’m having to help Rich come to terms with that while coming to terms with it myself. I’m not super close to his nan but she’s always made me feel like part of the family and is just the strongest, kindest, most badass woman i have ever met, i would have loved more time to get to know her and hear her stories but it’s clear now that that time is going to be cut short. 

Like i said, i’m not a fan of change really. I like things to change at my ace, when i’m ready for them. Of course, thats not how the world works and i really just have to ‘go with the flow’ rather than getting my self all worked up and frustrated over things being out of my control. 

This has been quite a ramble filled post so in conclusion, i’m putting way too much thought into a piece of paper i found in a fortune cookie. 



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