My christmas decorations!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is my thing. I love christmas. I love tacky, obnoxious sparkles and too much food and the smell of cinnamon. I love ugly jumpers  and christmas films and singing ties. I love christmas tree socks and santa hats and fake snow in the windows. I’ll stop there though i could go on. I just really, whole heartedly adore this festive period. It’s because of this that i thought i would share a little but of my decoration scheme for this christmas! As i write this, my drcorations are not up yet so a post of how they actually look when up will follow this in a few days.   As you can see, my colour scheme is essentially ‘shiny’ and honestly, i’m more than happy with that. To me, as someone with no religious beliefs, christmas decorating is an excuse to make my flat as glittery, colourful and festive looking as possible. I’m not sure if my boyfriend likes it as much as i do but he just kind of leaves me to it and gives me a few encouraging smiles so i’m kept happy.

 As a kid we always decorated out christmas tree with really old wooden decorations and though they looked lovely, i always longed for a tree that looks like the ones in the shops and on tv. Its for that reason that one of the first things i bought up on moving into my own place last year were glittery baubles!

I’d love to hear about the christmas decorations you have so let me know about them in the comments!



2 thoughts on “My christmas decorations!

  1. Our tree has always been quite shiny and over the top but since getting my own place i’ve only got a black slim tree due to space but it’s covered with anything gingerbread or skull themed. I then drape tinsel everywhere because you know it’s tinsel. Such pretty colours you’ve got though. x


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