My new hair! 

I posted the picture below on instagram recently and immediately had quite a few people inboxing me to ask how i did it, rather than copy and paste the answer over and over i thought i’d just write a quick post about it because its honestly so easy. 

  I started the process two weeks ago with xxl platinum blonde bleach. I buy this and all other dyes from superdrug just because they usually have ‘3 for 2’ and similar deals on and since i sometimes buy up to five dyes at a time they can help me save a lot of money. To bleach it i put all my hair into a ponytail at the front of my head and put the bleach through out that pony, fanning it towards the bobble to avoid a straight line and achieve more of an ombre style of brown to blonde. I have never bleached all my hair and probably won’t in the future due to having a super sensitive scalp. 

 I try to give my hair a break between the bleach process and the dye process just to keep my hair reasonably healthy. I dyed it in sections and wrapped each section in tin foil so the colours wouldn’t merge together. I used live xxl pink, purple and blue. My favourite is turquoise and i would have liked to use that instead of pink but superdrug never seems to stock it anymore. I left it on for a little over the recommended time because i was in the middle of watching home alone but i’ve left it on for longer before and it’s been fine. It takes 3 whole boxes of dye to do all my hair and each box come with 2 sachets of the best conditioner i’ve ever used, it leaves my hair soft and healthy feeling with the perfect amount of shine. 

 I’m going to go a completely new colour in the new year but i’m not sure what colour yet, if you have any suggestions leave them down below! 



2 thoughts on “My new hair! 

    1. I found one a while back in Poundland that smelt exactly like it but it seems to have disappeared 😦 I think i might dye the underneath next, its one of the only things i haven’t tried yet!


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