I’ll be festive! 

From tomorrow until boxing day every single post on this blog will be something related to christmas and basically any festivities i can think of!

I think anyone who has ever read this blog knows how much i love christmas, its without a doubt my favourite time of year. Thats why throughout this festive season everything christmas will be happening here from DIYs and recipes to how i wrap presents and what my families christmas traditions are. I’m really excited to be continuing to blog every day this month, its really helping me to gain control of my blog and enjoy it even more.

I definitely blog for the enjoyment of it and blogging about christmas every day for the rest of this month is sure to give my happiness levels an extreme boost. I really hope these posts can help get you in the festive season ready to have an amazing christmas.

So if you want a little festivity in your everyday life in this lead up to christmas be sure to keep an eye on my blog, easiest to do via bloglovin or twitter. So, happy holidays and you’ll be getting your first taste of festivities from me tomorrow!



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