How to feel more festive! 

Some years it can be quite difficult to get into that festive feeling no matter how close to christmas you are. I certainly haven’t had this problem this year so i thought i’d give you all some tips as to how i’ve been in a christmas mood since probably some point in mid july.   My first tip is to use as much christmas smelling stuff as humanly possible. Cranberry body cream, pumkpin spice candles, cinnamon anything! Having my house or room smell like christmas is always a guaranteed waynto put me in a more festive mood. 
Go christmas shopping! Buying presents or decorations is a sure fire way to give you that christmas tingle, especially when you get to see all the gorgeous christmas window displays. Stopping off at a local christmas market is also more than likely going to make you want to pull on that santa hat your mums gotten out every christmas that you can remember. 

 Do something cosy! Snuggle up warm under a bunch of blankets with a big mug of hot chocolate and the christmas episodes of your favourite tv shows, its a great way to waste the dark evenings December always brings. 

 Wrap some presents! This is going to suck if you’re not the kind of person who looks forwards to wrapping other peoples presents but i personally really enjoy it. Picking out all the different types of papers and ribons and tags just sends me into a christmas spiral i can’t escape.  It’s not for everyone but going to a pub just for a glass of mulled wine or christmas inspired ale witha few friends or family members can be absolutely lovely, especially if you decide to all wear christmas jumpers or the like. 
   Costa, starbucks and i think every other coffee shop in europe brings out their christmas drinks right about now so its the perfect time to ask someone out on a coffee date to grab a praline latte or a sickeningly sweet hot chocolate! Its an especially great way to warm up too.Watching christmas films immediately makes me feel like i did on christmas eve as a child. Theres going to be a post in the next week or so all about my favourite christmas films so make sure you keep an eye out for that!
Finally, put up some christmas decorations! Even just a string of light can help turn a random room into a grotto of christmas joy! My mum has always made a big deal out of putting decorations up together so it always feels like the real start of christmas when my lights go up.

 I hope this post can help you to feel more festive, my last tip is to read plenty of christmas related blogs, which is why all my content until the 29th will be christmas related! Happy holidays! 



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