What I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas!

As i have said many, many times, i LOVE christmas so i thought that for this post, since some of you might be a little sick of me posting every single day this month, i’d just do a shortish, quick list about a few things i’m looking forward to this christmas and honestly, every christmas.

All the christmas films! A post about my favourites will be coming soon so i won’t dive too deep but i just love watching a christmas film snuggled on the couch, be it with my cat, family or boyfriend, with a mug of hot chocolate or a nice cuppa, just watching a christmas film and letting myself get completely sucked into the festivities that come along with christmas.

The food. My god, the food. Nothing beats my mums home cooking and i don’t get it all that often since i’ve moved out so getting to my mums on christmas eve to a delicious home cooked meal, then christmas morning breakfast AND Christmas dinner is an absolute treat for me. Also, rice pudding. Because i’m half danish and lived in Denmark for almost three years, rice pudding is a major part of my christmas. Again, there will be a post coming soon about how i make my danish rice pudding and its truly heavenly so keep an eye out for that too!

Being able to wear stupid clothes without being judged is a big favourite of mine. Stupid christmas sweaters, over the top socks, t-shirts with snowmen and santa on them, they are some of my favourite things to wear and i don’t remember the last time i got as excited as i did earlier this week when pulling out my Saint Nick inspired wardrobe. The best part is that i add to this for next to nothing in January sales every year.

Driving around to look at christmas lights. This is a tradition between me and my mum. Every year for as long as i can remember, on the 22nd or 23rd of December me and my mum have jumped in the car and driven around for an hour or two to look at christmas lights on other houses and in town. It’s a nice bit of time just me and her since we have a lot of family and friends over around christmas and for me, christmas really is about spending time with loved ones.

That, however, does NOT mean i’m not excited about presents! I love presents, both giving and receiving. I love finding the perfect gift for everyone, wrapping it up nice and seeing their face light up as they open it. I also love the thought that goes into the presents people buy me. I don’t care about what i actually get but the fact that someones gone out and spent their money just to make me happy makes me feel very loved and happy.

Finally, i’m looking forward to all the cold nights that i’m going to spend with people i love, reading, watching TV and the other various things families get up to around christmas. Winter is my favourite time of year anyway and the fact that i get christmas during that is a real treat for me.

Tell me what you’re looking forward to in the comments, i love hearing about what other people love most about christmas!



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