A Winter Walk.

Recently, me and my boyfriend have gone for quite a few longish walks and i thought i’d write a post about them because i really, really enjoy them. I’m not particularly into any form of exercise but i do really enjoy walking and since i’ve dropped out of college it’s a great way for me to get out of the house and have a look at the world with my own eyes rather than threw the screen of my laptop.IMG_0159I’m not seeing much of the world, i know. We’re only walking along the mersey which is maybe a five or six minute walk from our house but i’m still seeing small events i wouldn’t have seen other wise, such as animals i didn’t realise had made their homes so close to ours, the christmas tree in Liverpool one changing colours all the way across the water in Liverpool, little things that just kind of brighten up my day a little. This helps a lot with my mental health and i think being out in what little nature we have near us and just talking and enjoying each others company really brings me and Rich closer as a couple. IMG_0160Of course, with it being December in the Uk, we have to wrap up quite warm. I was wearing hat, gloves and a scarf but took them off for pictures because the colours all clashed and i was not a fan of the idea of putting my awful ‘I don’t care, i won’t see anyone anyway’ ensemble on the internet for all to see.IMG_0162I definitely think it’s good for me to take walks and as i said, i really enjoy it. I especially like walking in Bidston woods but that always ends up being a full day event due to it being around an hour and a half walk away from us and then we spend a few hours walking around. It is nice though and i’d definitely like to do it again before christmas if Richards work schedule allows.IMG_0171In the coming year i would definitely like to expand my walking horizons and really hope to get the chance to walk up a mountain in Wales. A small one, of course, but definitely a mountain and not just a big hill. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy walking and what kind of places you go for walks, I’d love to find out new places to visit!



3 thoughts on “A Winter Walk.

  1. Walking is such great exercise and you’re right, often the best wildlife and sights to see are right on our very own doorstep. Tx


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