How i’m keeping warm! 

 I know its different for other countries but here in the UK it’s gotten really cold and rainy and dark faster than seems possible. It’s gotten to the point where we can no longer put on Yorkshire accents to jokingly tell each other ‘winter is coming’ because winter is very much here so i thought i’ give you a few tips on how to stay warm and cosy regardless of the weather raging outside.My first tip to keep warm is to eat and drink as many hot things as you comfortably have. A hot meal and a cup of hot tea or chocolate or coffee can do an absolute world of good and works much better than piling blankets on top of yourself! 

Although, don’t take that the wrong way! Blankets are a great way to keep warm and feel super snug, especially if youre like  me and love watching movies and tv shows in the winter (or anytime!) 
  I also love having lots of nice hot showers with christmassy smelling products, especially if i’ve been out in the cold all day, a shower can be the quickest and easiest way to defrost any frozen limbs.  The most obvious tip i havenis to wrap up and layer clothing, a pair of socks under your fluffy socks or a scarf can really make a difference to your body temperature. 
 Finally, probably the most useful and little known tip is to relax! If you’re out in the cold and you tense up you’re more likely to start shivering and genrally just feel colder than if you just relax your muscles and pretend its not that cold! 

 How are you staying warm this winter? 



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