How i get ready for christmas!

Since i’m blogging every day this month i don’t want to do a huge long post every single day so today is just a list of a few things i like to do every year to make sure i’m in the festive mood and also make sure there aren’t any last minite stresses that don’t need to happen! 

First, early on in December i look through all my decorations to make sure none are broken or other wise not really good enough to go up, and if any lights or baubles are broken i replace them. This way my home looks as christmassy as i want it to without having to stop decorating and run out to buy anything new! 

I also make sure i have all the ingredients i’ll need for christmas dinner quite early, of course not so early it’ll all go off but early enough to avoid the mad turkey dash so many people participate in. 

Making sure my christmas present shopping is done before December is another thing i try to do though it doesn’t always happen. My mum is the expert in this and has been known to complete the entirety of her christmas shopping in the January sales! 

Finally, i always ensure i leave enough time to do a few of my favourite christmas activities such as visiting a local christmas market and driving around the local area to look at other homes christmas lights. 

How do you get ready for christmas? 



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