The best Christmas films!

I have another quick list type post for you all today about my favourite christmas films. I’m a huge film fan so i really enjoy utilising films to put myself into a real cosy, festive mood.

My first favourite is a bit of an oldie but to me, it’s not really christmas until i’ve watched Santa Claus the movie. My family watched this together every christmas eve i remember, cuddled together with hot chocolate and blankets. It’s one of the most nostalgic films for me so i love watching it every christmas.

The next is Nativity. I personally think the second and third ones are dreadful but the first one is incredible. I saw this in my drama class in high school the first time i saw it and my entire class fell in love with it. The only time i really speak to anyone from that class is when we quote lines of this to each other over Facebook every christmas so it definitely contains some fond memories for me, and as a huge Lord of the Rings fan theres nothing i love more than the Golum jokes that are in it.

Love Actually is a lot of peoples favourite christmas film and i can definitely see why. It’s not too in your face christmas and the love stories in it are all beautiful. It’s just a really romantic, funny film and it holds a great message about love that i think is important to keep in mind around christmas time when it can be easy to act selfishly.

Jingle all the Way wasn’t a film i really enjoyed until recently but its Richards favourite christmas film and watching it with him has bought me a lot of joy. He’s a huge Arnie fan so seeing his face light up while he watches it definitely places it on a list of my favourite films.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone isn’t really a christmas film i know but it makes me feel so festive with the limited christmas themes and of course, the music. It also holds that childish nostalgia for me since it was the first film i ever saw in the cinema.

Let me know what your favourite christmas films are in the comments!



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