Why do people wait until the new year?

It’s that time of year again when we start hearing about all the things people are going to do in the new year, they want to travel more, lose weight, de-clutter, read more and so on and so forth. It’s also the time of year we hear a lot of people saying that if you want to change you should do it now, not when you happen to need to buy a new calendar so i wanted to discuss this a little because i’m definitely a ‘after the new year’ person or a ‘I’ll start on Monday person’.

The main reason for this mentality, i think, is that its easier to start doing something new, something difficult or something more often is to a lot of people easier to do when it feels like the slate has been wiped fresh. For a lot of people, myself included, when it comes to things like eating healthier or exercising more its easier to do when it feels like you’ve got a fresh start and time to prepare rather than waking up on a random Monday in September after a weekend of drinking or eating take away and trying to live off salads and avocado.

Theres also the fact that because so many people start something new in the new year you’re more likely to have support from other beginners. You’re less likely to be the only new person in the bookclub or the gym. Not only that but if you want to do something drastic like completely change your style or cut all your hair off, people are more likely to expect it thanks to ‘new year, new me’.

Finally, for a lot of people, christmas is a time to relax and eat to much food while doing nothing but slob about on the couch and though thats all well and good and exactly what i do, by the time new year comes around i’m always ready for change, be that by picking up a book instead of a remote control or doing an hour long yoga lesson instead of an hour long game of thrones episode.

What are your opinions on this? Are you a ‘new year new me’ person or a ‘just do it!’ person?



2 thoughts on “Why do people wait until the new year?

  1. i have to say im a ‘new year new me’ person that never sticks to anything. However this year im determined to change and have written out goals to acomplish.


  2. I’m like you, I’m a ‘leave it until the new year’ kind of person. Though I have a new year resolutions so hopefully I’ll be able to start before the new year!


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