Blogger Burn-Out

So that whole ‘blog every day for December’ fizzled out somewhere around the 22nd, sending packages to bloggers with items from the Etsy shop i’m opening on the first of January has only gotten so far as me putting the packages together and posting to Instagram every day went out the window with my phone breaking.

I have seen a lot of people talking about ‘Blogger Burn-Out’ in the last four or five years that i’ve been reading blogs but this is the first time i’ve experienced it for myself. When ever i’ve seen these posts before i’ve been confused. How would you burn out? You’re just writing a blog! Surely if you’re writing a blog that means you love writing, and how can you burn out doing something you love?
I am most definitely no longer confused about it though. I love writing and i love blogging but it really can all pile up. Life gets in the way and before you know it you’re a week behind and have just run out of ideas that you think could create good content, and theres no point forcing your self to write if its not going to be the best content you can put out there!

Around Christmas time especially i think its so easy to burn out, or at least thats what I’m experiencing. Theres the stress of decoration, purchasing gifts, getting the cupboards stocked, organising travel plans, writing christmas cards, meeting up with friends and family, its a stressful time of year for just about anyone and especially for those like myself who do everything listed above, get into bed exhausted and just as they doze off realise a blog post was supposed to have been written and published that morning!

So right now, i’m letting myself relax a little more ready to come back with a bang at new year! I have my posts planned out, i have my easy shop almost ready to open and i’m excited to begin my new year resolutions (Which there will soon be a post about!).

If you’re feeling burnt out by blogging, have a shower, put on some comfy PJs and have a little read through your favourite blogs. Don’t stress about your blog or it won’t be fun anymore and surely thats the whole point of blogging?

Have you ever been burnt out by blogging? How did you handle it?



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