FAT isn’t a bad word!

Fat. A hell of a lot of people have been called fat, my self included and i know that when i was in school just that word was enough to make me fake an illness so i could go home and cry in my room. My mindset and opinion of this word has changed a lot in the last few years though and i no longer really see it as a bad word.

I am fat. You can say it in ways other people would consider a little nice, plus size, curvy, voluptuous, over weight, big boned, i don’t care what you want to call it, i call my self fat because i am. I have a lot of excess fat on my body and i see the word ‘fat’ as just a descriptor. Its not all i am, i am also pretty, crafty, creative, loving and a lot of other things but all in all, in appearance, i am fat.

Its at a point where if someone calls me fat my immediate reaction is ‘Yes, I know.’. It stumps people to no end, stops them in their tracks and probably makes the re-assess their use of the word.

Of course, this isn’t permission to go up to the next over weight person you see and tell them they’re fat, first of all, they know. Second of all, not everyone has this mindset/opinion and it would still likely hurt a lot of people.

To me, fat isn’t a bad word but its important to remember it is to a lot of people. If you call someone ‘thin’ it isn’t a insult and thats essentially the equivalent of fat but at the opposite end of the spectrum so i don’t really understand why fat is an insult other than that media and social pressure has conditioned us to think it is.

My boyfriend also doesn’t see ‘fat’ as a bad word, if i ask if i look fat in something he’ll laugh and say something along the lines of ‘fat makes you look fat, not clothes’, which i’m pretty sure he stole from David Mitchell. Don’t take this the wrong way, he still calls me beautiful and perfect and all the other things that make single people want to vomit half the time but we’re both aware and accepting of the extra fat i have on my body.

Does anyone else share my views? I’d be really interested to hear about what you think of the word ‘fat’ down below!



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