My Favourite Art?!

I’m quite a big fan of art, i really enjoy going to galleries and looking at ‘paint with me’ videos on youtube. Theres nothing i love more than finding a painting that makes me stop and just stare at it for a while. tumblr_nxyfqqAw4M1rv33k2o7_540That’s exactly what happened when i stumbled across Emma Lindström’s art a few days ago. I saw the pictures you can see here on Tumblr and immediately fell in love with the beauty of them and the galactic feel they gave me.
tumblr_nxyfqqAw4M1rv33k2o10_540As is unfortunately the case so often with tumblr, all that was said was how amazing the art was with no hint of who it was by so i searched one of the images on google and was luckily able to find the artist quite easily, she has this blog   and sells prints here.tumblr_nxyfqqAw4M1rv33k2o1_540I’m not usually too much of a fan of modern art or really anything ‘abstract’ but these pieces caught my eye and i really absolutely adore them, i wish i could afford one! I think a print or two will definitely be on its way soon. tumblr_nxyfqqAw4M1rv33k2o5_540I don’t know quite why i like them but i know that i do. What do you think? Who is your favourite artist?



2 thoughts on “My Favourite Art?!

  1. They are really gorgeous. I’m not massively into art-but then I say that, and I love looking at things people have spray painted-not the ‘I woz ere’ stuff but actual pictures. And I love photography. So, I guess I do like art, then.

    Laura x


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