10 Tips for Every Girl

  1. Literally no strangers care what you’re doing, the only people that care about you are the ones you care about. The cashier doesn’t care if you’re buying tampons and the barista isn’t judging you for how many pumps of caramel you want. No one judges you if you trip, slip or drop something either, we’ve all been there.
  2. Selfies are great. People may complain about them but if you’re feeling good about how you look, preserve that second in a picture cus guarantee you’re looking great and you’re allowed to feel good about your self.
  3. You’re the only person that really, properly pays attention to your body. No one else notices the stretch marks, scars, wobbly bits or any other parts of your body except you, you’re most critical of your self.
  4. Theres nothing wrong with being like other people. Saying you’re not like other girls doesn’t make you special, it makes you oblivious. Plenty of girls like reading more than make up or watching TV more than going out and liking any of those things doesn’t make you any better or worse than the girls that like those things. Everyones unique but there are LOADS of people out there that like the same things as us.
  5. Life is too short to try to read classics you don’t enjoy. If you like sappy teen fiction about vampires, you should read that. Only read Emily Brontë or Charles Dickens if you actually like Emily Brontë or Charles Dickens.
  6. Fashion is your thing and you should wear what you like. If you like the stuff thats ‘on trend’ then you should wear it and not worry about who else is wearing it. If you like wearing vintage stuff, wear that. An old guy in a Charity Shop once told me ‘Suits the wearer, not the starer’ when i couldn’t figure out if other people thought i’d look stupid in it.
  7. If you’re in love with your best friend you should tell them because if they’re really your best friend it won’t matter if they like you back or not, you won’t lose them.
  8. Spend time staring at things you like. Staring out at the ocean or up at the clouds doesn’t make you pretentious, it just means you enjoy staring at things you find pretty.
  9. Don’t spend too much time staring at other people. You wouldn’t like it if they stared at you, would you? If their fashion sense or tattoos or hair is so pretty you want to stare at it, tell them that.
  10. It’s okay to fake a smile if it means someone else will smile. Faking a smile at your family dinner to make your mum happy does a lot more for her than being grumpy would for your self.

3 thoughts on “10 Tips for Every Girl

  1. I work in a pharmacy and I don’t care if you’re buying comdoms, tampons or painkillers.
    Also If you’re in love with your best friend you should tell them because if they’re really your best friend it won’t matter if they like you back or not, you won’t lose them.
    Yes! Hell yes.


  2. Totally agree about reading what you enjoy, don’t push yourself to do things that you don’t enjoy. I need to keep telling myself number 3, that I am the only one who notices the imperfections in my body x


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