RIP David Bowie

I feel a little strange writing a post about David Bowie, i didn’t know him, i’m not his family and i feel like i don’t have a right to grieve for him due to those feelings but i, like all of his fans, am most definitely grieving his loss.

I was five years old when i first saw Labyrinth and i fell just a little bit in love. I had borrowed it on VHS from a friend and well, i still have it thirteen years on, i loved it that much.

As i grew up and became more and more interested in music my mum passed her record collection down to me and sat in my room one night to look through them, i saw station to station and threw it on because it ‘had the labyrinth man’ on the front. That was all it took for me to really fall in love with his music.

His life was incredible and if i can party half as hard or be half as successful as him, I’ll be pretty damn happy. David Bowie sent out a message to everyone that i hope more people will pay attention to now. We can all be heroes, even if it is just for one day, we can do something bit by bit to change the world in the amazing way he did.

I dressed…I’ll say uniquely between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, anyone from my high school can tell you i made a lot of bad fashion choices including, but not limited to, odd shoes, odd knee high socks, bowties, dresses with multiple underskirts, top hats and DIY’ed neck frill things. I had confidence wearing them though because David Bowie installed this confidence in being my self. I was weird, and looking back i cringe a lot but at the time i was completely, unashamedly my self in every way and i have David to thank for that.

Getting older towards sixteen and seventeen i saw a bunch of David vinyls i didn’t have in a shop on my way home from college and begged my dad to get them for me. He said no, again and again and again until i got home from college one day and they were just in my bedroom. My dad passed away in 2015 so this is a super fond memory for me. I ended up listening to them a lot after my next door neighbour complained about me listening to the Beatles too much because he had hated them ever since he’d had a fight with John Lennon. Yeah, thats what happens when you live in Liverpool.

This post doesn’t have too much too say, i just wanted to share a couple of my Bowie related memories with everyone. I hope his family are doing okay and i hope that wherever David is, he’s free.



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