Netflix faves!

12696162_1057659557590555_1101030857_nThis is the perfect season for Netflix, although to me, every season is. The rain, wind and generally icky weather we’ve been facing makes it the perfect time to snuggle down with a blanket, a hot cuppa and netflix so i thought i’d share what I’ve really enjoyed on Netflix so far this year!

The first is the most recent thing I’ve been watching and that is Hjørdis. It is in Danish but it has subtitles and although I’m only five episodes in, so far its a really lovely show with plenty of comedy and touching, heart felt scenes. I also really enjoy this because i can speak fluent Danish and there aren’t too many shows around that are in Danish so i really enjoy flexing my language muscles a little.

Next is one that everyones been talking about and thats Pretty Little Liars. I got up to the end of season five last year and then kind of forgot all about it until a few weeks ago so i, of course, had to catch up! I’m all caught up for now and honestly, its kind of my guilty pleasure. I’m not usually one for mystery dramas focused around teenage girls and it is, at times, rather predictable but its a pretty cosy watch and there are a lot of interesting twists and turns through out the show making it quite addictive. Really addictive. I watched the first five seasons in less than three weeks okay?!

Next up for me is Fixer Upper. I have an extreme love of home make over shows but hate the tension they try to create with add breaks, making Netflix the perfect place to watch this! The couple that fix up the homes are also really adorable and you get a little look into their family which is super cute. Also, who doesn’t love watching a family or couple get the house of their dreams?!

Ghost adventures is another of my guilty pleasures, I’m fully aware that a lot of it is fake and the music and random re-creations that remind me of American Horror Stories intro really has nothing to do with the actual finding of ghosts but its fun to watch and the few jump scares are the kind of horror i enjoy, nothing too scary for me thank you very much! I also find the guy that presents it super attractive but thats a whole different blog post. Well, not really, but he’s a very handsome man and its funny to watch him get scared. Not so funny when i spill my tea down my chest but thats life.

Finally we have Being Human. I first watched this in around 2011 and its one of my favourites. The characters feel like real people and the main three characters are super loveable and somewhat relatable, despite them being a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf. I’ll admit i haven’t watched past the end of season three because of something that happens (this is a spoiler free zone!!) but the first three seasons are so (so so so so so) good that really, i don’t see the point in continuing.

I hope you give a few of these a watch because they are all really great and i love them all. Let me know your netflix favourites below or just favourites in general, i’m always looking for new things to watch!



2 thoughts on “Netflix faves!

  1. I love netflix lists, I feel like I’m peering into your life! I loved being human but I never watched any of the others (people keep going on about PLL but It’s never attracted me) . Have a great week Mi’dear 🙂 x


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