A few of my Favourite things.

IMG_0502I know that title makes this sound like a favourites post of items I’ve loved over the months but thats not quite what it is. I decided i wanted to make a small-ish list of everyday things that i just really love. I decided this because i thought it would help me to feel more thankful for everyday things and thats something i want to do, i want to be thankful, so before i ramble any more, heres the list!

Thinking you’ve burnt your food but taking it out of the oven and discovering its perfect.

Waking up without an alarm at the perfect time to a really beautiful day.

Brushing your hair after a shower and not having any knots.

Coming home and just stepping into the warmth of your house out of the cold outside.

When you’ve been caught in the rain and get home, take off your wet clothes and have a beautiful warm shower.

Spraying on a perfume for the first time and feeling like its the perfect smell for you.

Finding a TV show or film on netflix that you just love from the very first second.

Buying pjs that are super comfy but also make you feel cute.

Getting into bed with cold feet and sticking them on your boyfriends beautiful warm legs (sorry Rich!)

Finally figuring out how to do something on iMovie/garageband/itunes and feeling an extreme sense of relief.

Eating really hot soup with bread on a cold day.

Laying in bed super warm while you can hear the wind and rain outside.

Being desperate for a cup of tea and finding out you have just the right amount of milk left for one.

Thinking you don’t have any food in but finding something delicious at the back of the freezer.

Looking in the mirror when you finish your makeup and realising your eyebrows and eyeliner are actually perfectly symmetrical.

Settling down on the couch with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate to watch the most recent episode of a TV show you’re really into.

Visiting family for the first time in week and getting to chill on the couch with your mum.

Giving someone a really tight hug and having them return it enthusiastically.

Ticking everything off your to-do list.

When you’ve had your hair up all day and you just take it down and massage your scalp.

Thats all for now but i think i might start doing this monthly, just to remind myself that even on bad days there are always the little things!



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