The good days.

IMG_4453With trying to be so open about my mental health online i feel like i talk a lot about the bad things that come along with it, which is fine since thats a part of my life and a part of my mental health. However, i want my blog and youtube and other internet spaces I’ve set up for myself to be positive as well as honest. So although i will never stop talking about the bad days and trying to help erase the stigma of mental health, i wanted to tell you about today, one of the good days.

As i write this its twenty to six and I’m wandering if I’m actually going to have time to write this entire blog before i go to meet Richard from work. Its just starting to go dark and i looked out the window a few minutes ago and saw a cloud lit by the sunset, making it look rose gold.

Earlier today i sat on the couch looking up at the blue sky outside my window and feeling the sun on my face for the first time in month and it was a beautiful deprive from all the cold, wind and rain we’ve been having. I watched my cats (aka children) lay in squares of sunlight on the floor to wash and play with each other and afterwards they came and sat with me while i edited a video for my new youtube channel.

I’ve edited and uploaded two separate videos today and I’m so motivated i may even edit another when i get home. I had my Asda shop delivered and sat down with a lovely cup of tea and a piece of cake to watch Heavenly Creatures, one of my favourite Peter Jackson films. I also spoke to my best friend on Facebook and had a nose around on tumblr.

I haven’t been anywhere or done anything amazing. I’ve not left my flat to travel the world or had a visit from the queen but its been a lovely day. Theres sun in the sky and i feel calm, safe and content. Content, in my opinion, is the best form of happiness because happiness always has some sort of cause but when you’re content its just an innocent form of slight happiness. I like it a lot and i hope you’ve all had as good a day as i have. Ive got just enough time to schedule this before i shoot off to meet Rich so i’m going to end this one here!



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