Today was hard…

Today would have been my dads 64th birthday but he passed away in April last year. Its been really difficult celebrating his birthday without him being here but i celebrated a little all the same. Last year, when he was still with us, me and my boyfriend went with him for a meal in Nando’s. He’d never been before but he really enjoyed it.

As a kid for his birthday he was usually in work so me and my mum would pop out to the local supermarket to buy things like party ring biscuits, crisps and things to make sandwiches out of. We’d make him a cake, maybe put a banner up and the second he got home from work we’d pull party poppers and give him his cards and presents.

I don’t know if today was especially hard because its the first time celebrating his birthday without him or because he used to always tell me that for his 64th i had to take him to The Cavern and have one of the performers play ‘When I’m 64’ by The Beatles for him. Either way, its been awful spending the day without him and its really hit me how much i miss him.

I think about him every day and of course miss him every day but its really made my heart hurt to think that it was exactly a year ago that i last went out and had a meal and nice evening with my dad.

I want to finish this post by saying happy birthday to him. I love you dad, always have always will and i hope you celebrated however you can where ever you are.



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