My Blogs Name.

I’m starting a 30 day blogging challenge today and the very first post to do is explain how my blog got its name! I’ve told this to a few people at various blogging events and they said it was interesting but they may have just been being polite so you’ll have to let me know if it really is or not!

My boyfriend Richard actually pretty much came up with the name for my blog. I was brainstorming with him over Facebook and we had been doing it for so long i had become bored and began to suggest random rubbish like ‘’ and ‘’. He obviously got fed up of me doing that and in the nicest way possible told me ‘Just carry on, beautiful.

That was the moment. The epiphany. The miracle. ‘Justcarryonbeautiful’ was born, created and birthed that very same night. Then a week later i hated it. It was too long and sounded a bit weird so i chopped it up and went with ‘carryonbeautiful’ which i obviously am still using.

I really like this because of the meaning you can gain from it. To me it tells me to carry on, beautiful in the way that my boyfriend meant it but it also tells me to carry on being beautiful, almost as if saying not to doubt my beauty whether it be mental or physical beauty.

So, there you go! Thats my blog name. I would love to hear about how you came about your blog name in the comments if you have a blog.



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